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After the shoe launch in Hamburg I finally realized, I got my own shoe together with Mai Piu Senza! I’m so honored to be one of this seasons Mai Piu Senza’s #MAIgirls. I felt like this shoe came out on the right time. Summer is around the corner so that means sandals, dresses and skirts are getting out of the closet. What most people don’t know about me is that I can’t wear high-heels. I must buy a shoe with a plateau or a kitten heel. My shoes are called ‘Oumayma’ and they have everything what I look for in a pair of heels; a thick heel, a plateau and a aztec metallic print. In the upcoming weeks I’ll try to show you how I’m going to style my pair of heels. I have a few exciting trips coming up and the Oumayma shoes are the first thing I put in my suitcase.

But why do I like this shoe so much? And what does confidence mean to me? I recorded a little video together with Mai Piu Senza to tell all:

You can shop ‘Oumayma’ right here… 

So what do you think about my shoe?


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    Love this and love your style :)



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