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As promised my top tips in Paris. I had the honour this time to discover Paris through some of my designed experiences curated by the @AHTravelClub, Your World, Your Way is the AH Travel Club moto and they definitely deliver. An invite only Travel Club for the ultimate travel partisan…and yes I got an invite and I most definitely accepted! Call them your travel black book, an all access pass to the best bits when you travel. They know who, they know when and they know where. In every city and country. The AH Travel Club not only designs and manages your curated travel encounters, they also connect you with local tastemakers and other travel club members suited to your interests and taste in the places you visit.  If fashion is your thing, then let them connect you with a renowned stylist, close down a boutique and get you seated at the hottest fashion dinner table. Artistic endeavours more suited to you, then connect with an established street artist and learn what makes them tick as well as their favourite hangout spots. AH Travel Club’s initiative is to know what you want and to craft the ultimate journey for you to ignite unforgettable memories.

When I go to Paris I usually stay at the first arrondissement (1E). You can find many touristic places there like the Louvre, Place Vedome, Tuilerieen gardens, Rue Saint Honore, Rue Rivoli and many more. This time through the support of the AH Travel club, they showed me a lot of exciting new places to go, new things to see and new experiences to encounter. I will share a few recommendations of where toe eat, sleep, shop and party.

Where to sleep?

Hotel Banke Paris (9th E)

My first stop was at the lovely Banke hotel which is a part of the Derby Hotels family. The hotel lobby looks absolutely dreamy and the best thing about the hotel is the location. I arrived at Gare du Nord which is very close to the hotel. Perfect right? Another thing I really loved is the fact that the hotel is close to Galeries Lafayette. For me as a shopaholic this place was an absolute dream.

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Buddah Bar Hotel (1st E)

We all know the Buddha Bar but did you know that they have some pretty awesome hotels too? I had the honour to stay one night at the Buddha Bar hotel in Paris which was amazing. The hotel is relatively new and the designs looks stunning. From the outside you expect a typical Parisian interior but the name says it all. The interior is very oriental and colourful, which was such a big surprise for me. I also had the biggest scampi ever. The shrimps came all the way from Thailand, talk about extending their services, right?


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Relais Christine (6th E)

A small boutique hotel and part of the Small Luxury Hotels collection. In front of the hotel there was a lovely garden where you could bask in the summer sun. The inside of the hotel looks very Parisian but in a royal way. We had the honour of staying in one of the Junior Suites that featured 2 floors. The bottom floor was dedicated to a bathroom and living room, and the upper floor hosted a beautiful bedroom. To be honest this was my favourite hotel I stayed at this time. See it yourself:

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Le Pavillon De La Reine (4th E)

Another boutique hotel and part of the Small luxury hotels collection. The location is perfect for the ones who love Le Marais. For me it was the first time that I had the chance to discover the area, and what a perfect way to feel at home in a newly discovered Parisian region.

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Where to eat?

Le Perchoir Rooftop Collectives

This is the perfect rooftop to have a drink in Paris in my opinion, Le Perchoir in Le Marais. You have an absolutely gorgeous view over Hotel de Ville in Paris and the entire Le Marais area.


MOB Hotel

The hotel was quite a distance from central Paris but absolutely worth it. I discovered a few food combinations that I decided to immediately try at home. From goat cheese on Watermelon to Couscous with Salmon. As a Moroccan I must say that I was pretty surprised to taste this combination. It turned out to be very good.

IMG_6188 IMG_6187 IMG_6176


My other favourites


A Concept Store located in the arty area Le Marais. All the art pieces are produced in France. They have different departments from accessories to home decoration to kitchen supplies. Absolutely worth checking once you are in Paris.

IMG_6107 IMG_6062 IMG_6085 IMG_6092

Titty Twister

My ultimate favourite place to chill and hang in Paris. As a Quentin Tarentino fan this place is definitely a must to visit. From house music to Hip-Hop, they do it all.


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